60 Werid And Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About That Will Leave You fascinated

Our world is an incredibly awesome place. The fact that we get to live here should never be taken for granted. We have discovered so much in our short time on this planet, and comparatively it really has been a short time. Empires have come and gone. We have developed technology that would be beyond the wildest dreams of our ancestors. Yet there is still so much more that we have yet to learn. So much to be discovered and shared with the world. Here are 50 shocking facts that you probably had no idea about. They are crazy, but 100% true.

1. I need to start doing this with my job.


2. Maybe we can just start treating the food we eat more humanely in general.


3. There has to be special powers contained in it, right?


4. Wow, your loofa needs some constant upkeep.


5. I’ll take those odds every time….in Yahtzee that is.


6. They still wouldn’t be enough to hold up all those things on your refrigerator.


7. There has to be some kind of sorcery involved in this right?


8. This just happened to me with a car I recently bought.


9. Probably one of the weirder things I’ve learned in quite some time.


10. This is an incredibly alarming scientific fact and something that needs to be a dealt with as soon as possible.


11. I’m pretty sure this describes me. I’ve always wondered why it happened!

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