Anti-Trump Rioters Try To Free Arrested Thug From Texas Cops — YUGE Mistake!

SOURCE | A few hundred anti-Trump “protesters” decided to head to Texas and initiate their destructive rioting. Finally, Austin police officers started arresting the thugs after they became violent and hostile. However, the icing on the cake came when several leftist punks quickly realized they made a terrible mistake by trying to grab arresting officers and free their destructive friends.

“You don’t mess with Texas” is a phrase that many millennial snowflakes just learned when the George Soros-funded demonstrators piled into buses to wreak havoc on the Lone Star State. Deciding to protest Donald Trump’s election in such a red state, the rioters were lucky they didn’t run into any Second Amendment-supporting locals. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t take long for them to see that Texas law enforcement officials aren’t as politically correct as the heavily restricted Chicago and Philadelphia officers.

In the recent footage, a pair of officers is seen arresting a rogue protester as another official stands guard. Suddenly, the third officer brandishes his nightstick just as the camera pans to a horde of around 200 leftist rioters pouring down the nearby hillside, according to KVUE. For anyone else, the situation would be absolutely horrifying. However, for the Austin officers, it’s just another day dealing with liberal thugs.

Seconds into the footage, a millennial protester inches towards the arresting officers and attempts to grab his detained friend. When an officer pushes him away, the demonstrator shows his violent side but doesn’t seem to have the guts or physical ability to back it up. Immediately, he finds out that he and his friends aren’t ganging up on a helpless, unarmed Trump voter.

Without even having to use their firearms, the courageous officers take down the flannel-clad protester and several of his friends for physical assault and, undoubtedly, threats of violence toward officers of the law. Easily outnumbered 50 to 1, the officers display incredible reserve and professionalism while taking down each thug who dares put their hands on them. Eventually, the savage mob sees that they can’t win.


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