Baby Gets Confused After Seeing Her Mom’s Twin

Source| The maternal bond between a baby and a mother begins even before the baby is born. Even when the baby is in the womb, it can hear the mother’s voice and heartbeat. The bond is strengthened during childbirth. A maternal bond develops quickly when a child is adopted, too, and some adoptive mothers have reported feeling it when they first saw a photograph of their adopted child.

Baby Dalia may be young, but the bond she shares with her mother, Bracha, is strong. That said, she’s really thrown for a loop when her mom’s twin sister comes to visit. Bracha’s twin was holding Dalia when Bracha returned home, and what ensued was hilariously confusing!

The family asks Dalia, “Where is Mommy?” and Dalia points at her mom’s twin, who is holding her. Then Bracha starts talking to Dalia, and Dalia realizes that is her real mother and reaches for her. Once Dalia is in Bracha’s arms, she’s asked the trick question “Where is Mommy?” again. This time, she seems to understand that Bracha is her mom.

Can you imagine how confused this kid is to see what she must perceive as multiple mommies in the same room? This little girl went through the same thing when she met her father’s identical twin!

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