BREAKING – Feds Make Horrifying Discovery At Mexico Border, ISIS Positioned For Raids

Now that we have turned our national attention to our southern border, we’ve found more than we bargained for.

Just recently, eight Syrians were caught trying to illegally cross our southern border. They were, of course, moving north into the Texas town of Laredo.

This is exactly why we should have been solving our southern border problem years ago! The border is not secure and all kinds of people are sneaking in!

The Syrians, made of two families (two men, two women, four children), were detained near the entrance to the city.

Just one day before these Syrians were found, there was an illegal border crossing in Arizona. The five Pakistanis and one Afghan involved were detained as well, as per NBCDFW.

The Syrian men have been brought to a detention center in Pearsall, while the women and children were brought to one in Dilley. These facilities s are specifically for the purposes of immigration and border enforcement.

The two families actually turned themselves over, submitting to Border Patrol agents. One of these agents said he “checked their identities against numerous law enforcement and national security related databases.” Nothing incriminating was found in this initial search.

Why the Syrians chose to turn themselves over is unclear. As of now, they likely await court hearings. If the family is attempting to claim asylum seeking status they may even be released from the detention centers after a “credible fear” interview.

Obviously, such an interview is not enough to determine whether these individuals are a threat to our nation or not! We need some stronger border control, and we need it now!

If the Syrians are to be sent back to their home country, it will likely take time. Only Mexican and Canadian illegal immigrants can be returned home quickly, simply because of proximity.

Hopefully, after taking the oath of office on January 20th, Trump will begin work on his wall immediately!

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