CIA Terrified About What President Trump Just Promised To Do After They Tried So Hard To Ruin Him

All of the issues he has addressed seem to have one common denominator:  Justice and reform.

Trump isn’t playing, especially when it comes to people trying to sabotage him… Which is why he is after the CIA bozos. As if the guy doesn’t have enough on his plate..he is out to make them pay for the huge lie they spread throughout America involving the election and Russian hackers. Find out his brand new plan to dismantle the CIA!

VIA| You don’t mess with Donald Trump unless you are ready for a freaking WAR! Now the CIA is seeing what happens when you LIE to the world with Trump’s new promise for what he will do when he is President.

You see, Trump is MAD about the Russia hack lies and the fact that the CIA is more interested in politics than keeping us safe. Now he has 3 moves for them that will change the game:

  • He will downsize CIA HQ and Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

  • He will also be moving agents to foreign posts and changing the leadership.

An anonymous Trump staffer told the Wall Street Journal,This comes just hours after CIA Director John Brennan said publicly he believes Russia hacked the elections to make Donald Trump president.

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