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Reba McEntire Just Took On Every Trump-Hating Liberal In America… AND WON!


Reba McEntire Just Took On Every Trump-Hating Liberal In America… AND WON!

This is how we take America back. I agree with Reba. Do you?

Reba McEntire hit the nail on the head, this is what every Trump-hating liberal needs to hear!

From Reba McEntire’s newest album she released the song “back to God”, this is exactly what America needed. The best candidate won the election in order to move our country in the right direction, back to God. Though we have great leadership in Washington with godly men like Mike Pence and Ben Carson, this is an action that needs to be taken by every individual and every home in America.

From Daily Info 24:

“Cause we’re still worth saving, we can’t go on like this and live like this, we can’t love like this, we gotta give this world back to God,” Reba sang in her new song called “Back to God.”

This is an incredibly powerful message that needs to be heard everywhere, now more than ever. We have so much hate in the country because of the last election.

Americans are burning flags, dishonoring our military and police officers, rioting in the streets, and wishing death on our newly elected President. Clearly, we do need to get this country back to God.

Anytime God is brought up in regards to Donald Trump being our president I see tons of remarks about Trump and all of  his past discretions. I agree, they are not to be emulated or thought of in a good way to live or speak about to men and women. However, the Lord says no one is beyond His reach and as a Christian, I believe that.

I could bring up the indiscretions of John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. These two are held up by many as great men and Presidents. Have we forgotten their discretions? Read the history/biographies of other Presidents and their well-known discretions. I am not judging any of them, that is up to God but perhaps we can leave President Trump’s past with God also. HE is our ultimate judge.

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