Here Is The EPIC Trey Gowdy Speech That DESTROYS OBAMA And Earns Him A Legendary Standing Ovation, YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!

I have always taken a strong liking to Gowdy. Something about his demeanor and his hard attitude that makes you want to hide under a rock and shiver when he speaks..he’s pretty hardcore. He has had a lot of prize-worthy moments..yet he never seizes to amaze me. This, for example, is one of those times where you just want to give the guy a big hug and congratulate his hard work and dignity!

The US Congress has a lot of respect to pay Trey Gowdy. In short time, he has become the person to watch when it comes to speaking directly and honestly. His speeches are breathtaking and his political views are spot on.


Trey Gowdy is among the most powerful Republican figures in politics today, he has been standing behind Donald Trump throughout his entire campaign offering the voice of reason and truth.

Gowdy engaged in one of many House floor speeches and taught his colleague congressmen something about the Constitution they might have forgotten. This speech was inspired by the Enforce the Law Act back in 2014.

“The House of Representatives does not exist to pass ‘suggestions,’” Gowdy thundered. “We make law.”


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