Find Out Why Everyone Is Talking About Ivanka Brand New Home In D.C.

Ivanka just pulled a major trump move. She just bought a $5.5 Million home in DC with 6 bedrooms for she, her husband, and their three adorable children. Neighbors couldn’t be more stoked to have the classy couple move in..except for one in particular: The Obama’s.

You heard that right..looks like Ivanka and her family will be seeing a lot more of Barack. Did she do this on purpose? Perhaps…

As the new first family gears up for the big move to Washington, D.C., Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner may have found a new home for their family in the nation’s capital.

The 35-year-old businesswoman and her real estate mogul husband have completed a deal for a beautiful home in an elite neighborhood, according to the Washingtonian.

Numerous real estate sources say that Ivanka and her family will be moving to the Kalorama neighborhood of the city, as the 94-year-old recently renovated home the couple is said to be moving into is just blocks away from the Obamas who are said to move into that area once they leave the White House.

Washington Fine Properties Executive Vice President William F.X. Moody represented both the buyer and the seller in the deal.

‘It’s so close to downtown, and it’s about as tony as a neighborhood gets,’ Moody told News4.

He would not confirm the address, but dozens of real-estate sources said the six-bedroom home located at 2449 Tracy Place that was sold in December for a cool $5.5million is where they will be living, according to the Washingtontian.

It’s unclear if the couple purchased the home outright or if they will be renting it from the buyers.

The lavish modern mansion is complete with 6.5 bathrooms and has plenty of space for hosting a large number of family and friends.

The home is very close to downtown and I am sure security will be heavy around the family. Others in President-elect Trump’s cabinet are also buying homes in the neighborhood and moving in.

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