School To Punish Little Girl For Punching Boy In The Face, Then They Find Out Why She DId It

A mother was called to pick her daughter up from school affter she socked a little turd kid in the face. The mother immediately asked what the boy did to deserve it, knowing her daughter would not hit a young man unless there was a valid reason. Well there was, and what he did to deserve the bloody nose will have you wishing she would have hit him harder. Good job little one…your parents taught you well!

VIA| A mom relayed a situation to Daily Headlines about her daughter’s recent trouble at school. When the mother went to find out why her teen was in trouble, the school says she hit another student. The mom defended her daughter and issued a warning to the school, the other student involved, and his family.

The unnamed mother is an ER nurse and was working a shift when a call came into the hospital. Her daughter’s principal said they’d been trying to reach her for 45 minutes on her cell phone, which was in her locker at the time, and that there was an urgent issue. The principal demanded she leave work early and meet with him at the school.

When the nurse got to the school, she found the principal, a teacher, a counselor, her daughter, a boy with a bloody nose and red face, and his parents were sitting there waiting for her. “The boy had twanged my daughter’s bra and she had punched him in the face twice,” the mother explained. “I got the impression they were more angry with my daughter than the boy.”

The mother finds out the boy had been harassing her daughter repeatedly by snapping her bra, which at one point became undone because of the fiddling. The teacher told the girl to ignore it, but the girl finally turned around to defend herself.

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