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Bob Mueller and John Kerry Were Prep School Buddies, Fair Investigation of Trump Not Likely

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Bob Mueller and John Kerry Were Prep School Buddies, Fair Investigation of Trump Not Likely

Well, well, well, the plot has definitely thickened. Or sickened depending on how angry these fake investigations into Trump make you.

There has been a lot of talk on the right and among Republican and conservative circles that the fix is in and has been in for a while.

That the deep state is out to get Trump for daring to clean up the swamp they call home. By now we know James Comey was a showboat who desperately wanted to upstage Trump and steal the spotlight.

The way he did during the election.

Then it came out that Robert Mueller, the special counsel appointed to investigate a whole bunch of nothing, is very close to James Comey and that they are golfing buddies.

Then it came out that Mueller’s team of superstar lawyers donated heavily to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton.

Another clue just got revealed that not only sheds light on the real Bob Mueller but also on his deep and long-standing ties to John Kerry.

According to the Daily Mail,  smiling alongside John Kerry in these pictures is none other than Robert Mueller.

They attended the same New Hampshire boarding school and played on the same team and those prep school bonds usually last a lifetime.

There is no doubt that with all the known ties Robert Mueller has to the deep state and the Democrats, in particular, Trump will not get a fair shake in this investigation.

There are too many coincidences popping up around his ties to the Democrats for us to think otherwise.

Share this if you think Bob Mueller should recuse himself right now and that the investigation into Trump be closed.

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