If You Think Cricket Is Weird, Get A Load Of This Insane Version Of Capture The Flag In Japan

What on Earth is going on here? Watch as these Japanese guys plays the most bizarre game I have ever seen. Have you ever seen anything like it? HA!

VIA| While mainstream sports like football and basketball take up a majority of the media’s attention, a slew of unique sports are managing to slowly make a name for themselves. By the time I graduated college, for example, my university had competitive ultimate Frisbee, which was unheard of just a few years ago. But out of all of the weird sports I’ve seen, I’ve never come across one quite like this.

Bo-taoshi is a game played by children and adults alike in Japan. It’s a mix of capture the flag and rugby, with just a bit of gymnastics thrown in for good measure. It consists of two 75-player teams, and the goal is to protect your team’s “ninja,” who must stay atop a pole while members of the opposing team try to knock your pole down to a 30-degree angle.

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