Exposed: Insider Tells Sources Hillary Is Not Done, Drops Major Bomb About Her Running For…

Oh, Hillary. If there’s one thing she is not..and that’s a quitter. Even though it looks like politics took the life out of insider is now hinting she could be running for…LORD HELP US!

VIA| If you thought Hillary Clinton was going to go quietly into the night, seems you would have been wrong.

Clinton, after losing the campaign for the presidency in disastrous fashion, can’t seem to exit the field of power or stay lost in the woods in Chappaqua.

From the Daily Caller:

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is “talking about” running for New York City mayor, Newsmax reports.

It has only been 57 days since President-elect Donald Trump defeated Clinton. During the election slog, Clinton, 69, collapsed getting into a Secret Service van, had multiple coughing fits during speeches and seemed to have trouble walking up steps at a rally in Lake Worth, Fla.

“If she ran, she’d win,” a Newsmax source said.

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