Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Her Personal Definition Of Beauty

Source| It’s been over a decade since Friends went off the air and Rachel still holds a place in our hearts as one of the best looking fictional characters ever. It will come as no surprise then, when I tell you that Jennifer Aniston has been named as People magazine’s world’s most beautiful woman for the second time.

She originally won the award back in 2004, when she narrowly pipped dental assistant Claire Smith of Oklahoma to the post. Joke, only celebrities can be beautiful apparently. Poor old Claire.

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During the interview for her win this time round, Jen describes how things have changed since she’s gotten older: “It’s funny, it’s a really quick transition from not a care and now all of a sudden, we’ve got to really be mindful of what we put inside our bodies. And how we sleep and take care of ourselves. You can get away with a lot in your 20s.” You can watch a clip from the interview on the next page.

Aniston describes her own personal definition of beauty: “Inner confidence. Peace. Kindness. Honesty. A life well-lived. Taking on challenges and not feeling shame for things that haven’t gone the way you felt they should have. And not feeling like a failure or allowing people to critique your life and make you feel like you’ve failed at something. That’s just toxic noise.”

 While I’m sure Jennifer Aniston is certain that the video you’ve just watched is the most beautiful footage in existence, I’ve got another contender for the title. The video on the next page shows a river in China being completely covered in frost and ice.

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