Just When She Was About To Give Up. She Realized How Close To Winning She REALLY Was…

Yogi Berra perhaps said it best when he stated: “It ain’t over til it’s over!” And when you watch the amazing athlete in the video below, you’ll see that mental drive is just as important as physical strength when it comes to most sports.

Phil Healy is a proud member of the University College Cork women’s track and field team, but things weren’t going too well today. She and her teammates tried their best to cheer their fellow runner on, but during this relay race, they quickly felt themselves lagging behind.

When Healy realized it was her turn to run, she realized the race was probably over. By the time she got the baton, she was in fifth place and nearly a quarter of a lap behind the leader. But as she jogged at a decent pace, she began to realize that she was actually catching up to the leader.

Even though she was going up against a future 2016 Olympic runner, she realized that this was worth a shot. Healy began to pick up the pace, and as she started to run, she found herself reaching a speed she never even knew she was capable of.

She initially shot for third place, but in an incredibly exciting race, she managed to pull up at the last possible second. While her running talents are more than enough to get her to go viral, it’s the two hilarious announcers who absolutely lose it when Haley appears out of nowhere!

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