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More college kids pledge to REMOVE TESTICLES if Trump builds wall!

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More college kids pledge to REMOVE TESTICLES if Trump builds wall!

Well, I mean… if that’s what you gotta do… Go right ahead!
“Like” = “I love this idea!”

Yup, you heard that right, college kids are pledging to publicly remove balls and penis’ if President Trump builds a wall!

If this doesn’t tell you how crazy liberals are, I don’t know what will. I can not make this stuff up people! In the liberal capital of the US, California, one student allegedly started this “commitment”. Now it’s moved it’s way to the crazies in Washington.

From USA Politics Today:

Washington Sophomore Trent Griliphaen said he was inspired by the movement at The University of California, and that he “thinks that Trump’s construction of the wall is just an extension of his penis, and an expression of Patriarchal rape culture. Really, by building the wall, we are raping the Mexican people, and I am no longer willing to be a perpetrator of rape culture. If I remove my penis, I am making a statement that I reject this mentality.”

“I heard about what was happening in California, and new that this kind of movement could gain traction up here – we are a progressive state. I kind of feel guilty, I’m removing my penis, but one of the other guys is going to castrate himself, and he’s even considering taking off a couple of fingers” stated Griliphaen.

For the sake of humanity I’m hoping this is not real. But, on the other hand, they would be doing us a favor and halting the reproduction of liberals all over the US! I think I can support this cause. Yes, please, this would make a very impactful statement and would mean a lot for the future of this world if all liberals cut off their junk in protest against the wall!

According to the internet (lol) this student has inspired 3 other’s in Washington to also remove their junk… Well don’t just stand there, lets keep this going! Share this article if you’re for the removal of liberal balls!

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