Man Finds Secret Room In His House After Living There For Three Years

Source| Steve has had the strangest luck in his home. At one point, he discovered a complete stranger who had been living in his basement for three months without anyone noticing. You’d think his bizarre luck would end there, but no. After living in his house for three years, he noticed a blacked-out window in the hall. There had always been a seemingly “random” door without a knob. The door wouldn’t open. Steve climbed onto the railing of the staircase and peered into the window. What he discovered is chilling. It was a hidden room.

The secret room may have been intended to be a storage closet, but in it he found a bed with blankets, boxes, and a key. When Steve asked his landlord about it, the landlord said it was a storage space. Still, it doesn’t explain who has been using it and whether or not they were still there when Steve discovered the room. After Steve posted the video, it garnered over a million views, and many wondered how Steve could not notice a strange window in his house for three years! While Steve certainly could stand to be a little less oblivious to his surroundings, it goes without saying that this story is totally bizarre!

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