The current train-wreck, Miley Cyrus, recently blasted conservative Christians for their beliefs, saying Noah’s Ark was a fairytale just like Santa and the tooth fairy. She also stated that people who believe in a traditional marriage shouldn’t be allowed to make laws in this country.

Come on Ms. Wrecking Ball, you need to clean your act up and before saying you are not a judgmental person, you need to stop judging people for their beliefs. I am always amused by people proclaiming how they are not judgmental. Yeah right, as long as people go along with their beliefs it’s okay, but dare to think differently and they are vicious judges. Christians have the same rights to believe and voice their opinions and if you don’t like it Miley, tough luck, it’s your problem not ours.

She has tried every other disgusting thing to keep her name in the media. She has exposed 99% of her body and said many outrageous things. Obviously she is running out of “shock” methods to keep her “created wild child” personality, so she has stooped this low to keep her vulgar image in the limelight and it has worked again. When this is over, where can she possibly go next to get the attention she so craves?

In a recent interview with Paper magazine, Cyrus, who appears nude within the publication, refers to herself as the “least judgemental person ever.” However, the magazine notes that while she was raised in a Christian home and was baptized in a Southern Baptist church, the “Wrecking Ball” singer “maintains a particular contempt for fundamentalist lawmakers who rally against this sort of progressive, potentially life-saving changes for the LGBT community.” “Those people shouldn’t get to make our laws,” Cyrus said of Christians who hold to a traditional view of marriage.

The 22-year-old “Party in the USA” singer went on to slam Christians who believe Noah’s Ark was a real vessel: “That’s f***ing insane,” she told the magazine. “We’ve outgrown that fairy tale, like we’ve outgrown f***ing Santa and the tooth fairy.” The former Disney Channel star also criticized her parent’s political views, calling them “conservative-ass mother-f***ers.” Cyrus revealed that she views her gender identity as “fluid,” and told her mother that she was attracted to women when she was just 14 years old.

The way I see it, she is just another know-it-all spoiled brat. She ought to get together with Justin Bieber, they would make a good couple. Oh, that’s right, she’s not attracted to the opposite sex. Give her a one-way ticket out of this country, because she’s had such a terrible life and gained so much life experience at the ripe old age of 22.

It’s really sad to believe that not long ago, she was a sweet, pretty little girl. She has went from that to whatever she is now. In my opinion, Miley will be the next Amy Winehouse, she’s on a rapid downward spiral, and her father, Clueless Billy Ray Cyrus, will have been as much a contributor as Amy’s father was. “Honey you don’t need rehab”. I guess if you love power and fame, no cost is too high. Just look at the Clintons.



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