M*slims Demand Texas Mayor Back Down After She Slammed Shariah Court, She Has An Epic Response

The M*uslim citizens in town of Irving, Texas have repeatedly threatened the Mayor, but she isn’t backing down! Unlicensed Sharia court “attorneys” have been practicing law In Texas, committing crimes and treating American law as if it is irrelevant. They quickly realized they were in the WRONG STATE to commit such acts…and now they are running away with their tails between their legs.

Meet the woman who brought down the hammer; Mayor Van Duyne.

She’s quite the bada$$. Kudos for her bravery in being unyielding to the members of the radical Islamic group of the Sharia court. Her actions ring loud throughout the country and serve as a symbol of pure patriotism.

VIA|  The Muslim group who tried to create the first Islamic Sharia court in Irving, Texas, has just been knocked down by the town’s mayor has has taken a strong stance on the matter.

The mayor of the town has stood firm even after receiving many threats and requests form this Muslim group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and made wrote a Facebook post in which she says that she supports the new Texas law that forbids all foreign laws that are asked to be practiced in Texas.

Many unlawful activities were attempted in the efforts to form the Sharia court, among which are the unlicensed Sharia attorneys that tried to practice law in Texas, which is a third degree crime.
The policies of the Sharia court has different rules for men and women, which is to say they try to continue the typical degrading strategy against women which is forbidden by law.
Also, the Sharia court “attorneys” did not notify the town of Irving that they were part of a court within the town, an activity which is also unlawful.
The mayor’s cabinet responded to Zia Seikh’s tantrum with an appeal to them to adhere to the law and the constitution that forbids foreign law being practiced in Texas.

Naturally, a typical radical Islamic response followed. “We don’t care about the bill. It’s not going to affect us in any way, shape or form. The bottom line is the foundation of this bill is anti-Islamic,” added Sheikh.


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