Jesse Watters Catches Up With The Punk That Harassed Ivanka Trump On Jet-Blue Flight.. He’s Not So Tough Now

Liberals love getting in peoples faces, causing a scene and disrupting the peace everywhere they go. They will go out of their way to humiliate and degrade anyone who goes against their liberal agenda. Which is exactly what happened here. Remember the idiot who harassed Ivanka and her kids on a plane? Well, Jesse Waters caught up to him on the street and gave him a little taste of his own medicine. He isn’t so brave now, is he?!

VIA| Recently, Ivanka Trump was on a JetBlue flight with her family when a Liberal decided to harass her and her family, along with telling her that her “father is ruining this country.”

Well, he might have been very brave back then, but he sure wasn’t too thrilled when Jesse Watters caught up with him! Not only did he refuse to answer Watters, but he hid his face from the camera!

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