Kansas Game Warden Shoots And Kills Pet Deer In Front Of Crying Family

A disturbing video has sparked outrage online  as Kansas game warden approached a family on their property and ended up shooting and killing a family’s pet deer in front of 3 horrified  children. . The family has been caring for the pet deer, named Faline, for almost two years. The McGaughey family say the deer is a member of their family telling reporters: “There was no reason for her to be killed,”. Check it out:

VIA| reporters: “There was no reason for her to be killed,”.

According to state law it is illegal to keep a wild animal as a pet in Kansas. State wildlife officials felt the 2-year-old mule deer needed to be dealt with immediately. Mark Rankin, law enforcement assistant director for the wildlife department told The Witchita Eagle:

“In these cases our officers have to decide what options there are. That might be to relocate the animal, release it back into the wild or take it to some kind of rehab facility. Unfortunately once they’ve become imprinted on people, (euthanasia) is almost always the final outcome. Our officers on the scene felt (shooting) was about their only option.”


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