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Kamala Harris’ Skeletons Are Falling Out Of Their Closets


Kamala Harris’ Skeletons Are Falling Out Of Their Closets

Kamala Harris has a secret and it’s bad and she does not want it out. Sorry, too late. Everything – all misdeeds – always come out in the end.

The liberals seem to flaunt this age-old wisdom and continue to add scandal after scandal to their already dismal resume.

This scandal is a rough one on many fronts. First, it is a sexual scandal. Second, it is a tale of epic corruption that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that for the Democrats corruption is endemic.

And lastly, it takes down the liberals favorite rising star and not just down a few pegs.

This will end Kamala Harris’ political career.

Or should, but never put it past the Democrats to overlook this bombshell.

Kamala Harris has been making a huge name for herself attacking all things Trump.

She just went after Jeff Sessions hard – she didn’t even let the poor guy answer a question.

She was all showboat and no substance and it was gross to watch but now that we know about her dirty past it all makes sense.

Kamala Harris, who said at a Hillary rally last year that only Hillary can bring an “America where opportunity is open to everyone … where everyone plays by the same set of rules.”

Is the same Kamala Harris who slept her way to the top wrecking marriages and careers in the process. Oh, it gets worse, because she couldn’t hold a job, her “powerful” boyfriends kept getting her high paying “appointed” positions.

Willie Brown, the notoriously corrupt Mayor of San Francisco was 60 and speaker of the California House and Harris was 29. He was married. She was ambitious.

She swooped in, broke up the marriage and rode her corruption and open legs all the way to the US Senate.

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen once called Harris “the Speaker’s new steady.”

According to the Daily Caller, Brown appointed Harris to numerous high paying jobs, one that cost taxpayers $72,000 a year and another that cost taxpayers $92,000.

Harris  “was described by several people at the Capitol as Brown’s girlfriend,” said the Los Angeles Times when they broke the scandal.

So folks, this is who Kamala Harris – the liberal rising star – really is. A disgrace.

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