5-ft 3-In White Woman Schools Huge #BLM Protester, Making Him Cry Like A Big Baby

All across the country, there is a war going on between the Black Lives Matter idiots, teamed up with the safe space numbskulls, against those patriots who value freedom of speech. At an event sponsored by the patriotic Young America’s Foundation, one 300-pound Black Lives Matter thug repeatedly threatened an older white woman, but when pushed to the limit, he ends up crying like a big baby, and it was priceless.

VIA| Conservative radio talk show host Vicki McKenna attended an event that featured journalist Ben Shapiro speaking on the issues facing college campuses, the ridiculous safe spaces nonsense, and Black Lives Matter issues at the Univesity of Wisconsin-Madison.

Conservative radio host Vicki Mckenna (left), Black Lives Matter thug (middle), Ben Shapiro (right)

The far leftists on campus were prepared to disrupt the event, calling anyone who attended the Shapiro talk a “white supremacist.” Shapiro, a Jew, is hardly a white supremacist, and his talk had nothing to do with race. But, like everything with these losers, nothing they profess has anything to do with intelligent thought.

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