Sheriff Joe Arpaoi’s Replacement Labels Illegal Aliens As ‘Guests’…And We Couldn’t Be More Disappointed.

As you know, tough guy Joe Arpaio is no longer in office. Who you may not know is the new sheriff in town named Paul Penzone, and word has it..he’s a total pansy. Joe’s replacement is reportedly inviting illegals in with his newly developed term. You’ll be sick to your stomach when you find out his stance on the major issue. Lord, help us.

VIA| Whether you were fond of the man or not, Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio was one of the strongest and most outspoken proponents on illegal immigration, despite the anti-American open borders policies of the Obama regime who he and Arizonians were constantly fighting against. Every resident who lives in Arizona or along it’s border knows, the state has a huge problem will illegal immigration and drug trafficking coming through. There is no respect of the law or culture, and overloading our social programs at the cost of the American taxpayers seems to play a major role in the enticement.

But now there’s a newly elected replacement for Arpaio, the proverbial “new sheriff in town,” is changing Arpaio’s tough stance on enforcing existing immigration laws. The new guy, Paul Penzone, is using language to tell illegal aliens, “Come on in.”

So what makes the man even crumbier than your typical open borders type? He has redefined the word “illegal alien” to “undocumented immigrant,” and is referring to these illegals as “guests.”…

Guest are invited to the party in the first place right? If they weren’t invited, that makes them what?


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