Watch As This Snowboarder Is Completly Oblivious To A HUGE Bear Chasing Her In Japan

A video of a snowboarder traveling down the side of a mountain in Japan captures footage of a bear chasing her — unbeknownst to her.

As Kelly Murphy begins to record her descent down the slopes, a bear can be seen running after her in the left corner of the screen.

When she turns, viewers can spot the animal pursuing her from a close distance.

As Murphy picks up speed, the bear seems to give up and the woman reaches the bottom of the slope unharmed and unaware of how close she came to being seriously injured if not killed.

One can only imagine the terror that struck her when she reviewed the video later

But many people are saying the footage could be fake.

Social media users commented on the video saying the video “looks quite fake” and “the bear would have gotten her easily.”

Snowboarder Chased By A BearThis snowboarder in Japan was totally unaware of the bear chasing her down the piste

Posted by Sky News on Monday, April 11, 2016


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