When This Toddler Is BUSTED Doing What He Shouldn’t Be Doing… His EXCUSES Is PRICELESS!

Source| If you’re ever trying to get yourself out of trouble, blaming it all on someone else is usually the way to get it done. It seems like this adorable little toddler knows that as a fact, and even though his mom, Laura Hopkins, catches him red-handed, he sticks to his story in the cutest way!

While it’s not good to lie, it should be noted that this charming tot did eventually confess to his crime and Laura made sure he understood that lying isn’t okay even if you’re that adorable about it!

But during this video, Laura’s precious little tyke commits fully to his story. With his adorable Scottish accent, mom could barely hold back her laughter as she watched her delightful son trying to pretend he wasn’t responsible.

As if that wasn’t cute enough, he brings things to a whole new level when you hear who he does blame. Mom can’t help but giggle as her son tries to say that Batman was the one who took mom’s lipstick and drew a silly picture on the mirror.

It really doesn’t get much darling than this, and along with his adorable little voice, something tells us this kid is going to grow up just fine. As long as mom reminds him not to lie, he’ll turn out great!

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