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Somali Cop Who Murdered White Woman Just Made A SICK Admission – THIS MEANS WAR

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Somali Cop Who Murdered White Woman Just Made A SICK Admission – THIS MEANS WAR

Somali Cop Who Murdered White Woman Just Made A SICK Admission – THIS MEANS WAR

The Somali cop who murdered the white woman who called for his assistance just made a sickening admission…

Here’s something you won’t hear about everyday… especially in liberal media. Justine Damond called the police for help in Minneapolis. When they arrived, she approached the vehicle to explain to the officers what was going on. The Somali officer, Mohamed Noor reached across the vehicle right where his partner was sitting and shot the woman in the stomach!

From Top Secret Leaks:

No threat was issued to the officer when Justine came outside to speak to him. She simply wanted help with an assault case. She literally did nothing to provoke Noor to pull his gun on her, let alone shoot and kill her. Conveniently enough for Noor, both officers’ body cameras were off at the time of the shooting. This doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

Interim executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, Teresa Nelson, explained that when these officers made the decision to turn their body cameras off they knowingly violated police policy. She was quoted saying, “this violation of policy thwarted the public’s right to know what happened to Ms Damond and why the police killed her. The two officers broke the policy not only when they didn’t activate the body cameras before the incident, but also when they failed to do so after the use of force.”

[…] The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, described as a fact finder independent of Minneapolis police, is investigating the shooting and confirmed Ms Damond was not carrying a weapon.

This man was hailed for becoming the first Muslim refugee to become an officer in the US. Minneapolis has become overrun with refugees. The family of the woman have been kept in the dark on the incident, not given any answers as to why she lost her life.

Of course they have no answers, there was no reason to carelessly shoot an unarmed woman… But what I ask is, where is the outrage for this police shooting?


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