WOW: After This Couple Couldn’t Build A Home They Moved Into A Cave… WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE INSIDE!!!

Cathy and Randy Clark fell in love with a plot of land in Arizona but they had a problem. The land was too vertical to build a house on. But a solution came to them one day when Cathy heard an explosion on the property next door. Her neighbor is a mining engineer who just so happened to be building a house…in the mountainside. That’s when Cathy and Randy decided they wanted a cave home too!

Not only does Cathy think her house is wonderful, it has many unique features, including pristine, clean water from an underwater spring they found. Cathy takes a tour of the cave, with its beautiful spiral staircase, open dining room and a loft bedroom and a gorgeous outside patio.

Their cave home is surprisingly cozy. No wonder Cathy says it will be very hard for her to leave the house.


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